Reliable and Responsible Hosts

420skybnb hosts have distinct advantages and it is extremely important you follow the guidelines terms and conditions when posting your listing. Make you listing STAND OUT from the others. Have detailed information on your property. Travelers hate negative surprises and you may lose a guest if your accommodations do not meet the standard s described in your listing.

Remember the premise of 420sykbnb is NOT only 420 friendly accommodations but also providing top shelf 420 as an amenity of your accommodations. It IS mandatory that you do provide this amenity for your guests. The 420sykstore is there to support you in securing a variety of 420sky brand products in a safe and discrete manner. We offer outstanding values on amazing welcome boxes for your guests. These boxes come in 5 different price ranges and contain a variety of branded products. Click on the 420skystore link to view the products that you can provide your valued 420 lifestyle guests. Remember it is this dynamic as well as providing your guests a safe clean helpful environment that make your listing a PREMIUM LISTING in this growing marketplace. For every dollar spent on providing the required amenities you are able to charge 2 . Example. Your room listing base value is $100 a night. If you purchase a $50 420sky welcome box your room becomes worth $200 a night.  It is that easy.

Clean premises

It is vital your property IS WELL MAINTAINED and cleaned well after every guest departs just like in a hotel. If you offer food and drink make sure it is quality f and safe. It is your responsibility to make certain of this. You are liable to face unwanted un necessary consequences if you do not. The least being suspension or permanent removal from 420skybnb services if you receive complaints on the condition(s) of your property.

Safe premises

Safety is equally as vital. Your guests do not know the area and the law and social customs in many cases and are relying on YOU to provide them a safe environment and the support which allows them to have the 420 lifestyle travel experience they are expecting. KNOW THE LAW. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK PROVIDED BELOW TO LEARN THE EXACT DETAILS OF THE LAW IN YOUR AREA. 

Peaceful premises

Your guests are on holiday or business travel.  They want peace and quiet. Engaging in disruptive behavior such as arguing with your spouse or hollering at your children loud music or parties when your room is occupied by a 420skybnb guest may cause your guest to cancel and leave. This puts everyone at risk and does serious damage to our mutual goal to provide a quality 420lifestyle travel experience.