Making 420 Travel SAFE

We can now book safe and legal 420 travel experiences in some of the world’s most desirable travel destinations; Los Angeles San Francisco Las Vegas and many more destinations now are legal for recreational marijuana consumption. Many more new destinations are being added all the time and where ever possible 420skybnb will be there creating outstanding travel experiences.

It is and always has been extremely risky and dangerous to transport 420 through any airport in the world DO NOT EVER DO SO. eliminates any such risk to your valuable travel plans. Now you can arrive at your accommodations and find the highest quality 420 waiting for you. Having hosts that share your 420 lifestyle and a safe environment to enjoy your amenities will really allow you to have a truly epic 420 travel experience.

As pioneers in this new way to travel it is important you know the legal dynamics in the destination you are headed. 420skybnb will assist you with information specific to your destination however it is crucial you learn this information as well as not being shy about asking questions of your hosts. If you are not sure about where and when to smoke don’t do it until you are sure it is ok.

 Click on the destination below to see the law at your destination.