Investor Relations


JOIN US TODAY IN BUILDING THE FIRST TRULY GLOBALLY REDUNDANT CANNABIS INDUSTRY TITAN AND FOREVER CHANGE THE TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITY MARKETPLACE.™  and our follow on 420sky booking platforms for Cannabis included hospitality companies represent potentially the most significant investment opportunity within the new cannabis business sector. 420skybnb is on the cutting edge of social change and can influence that change tremendously. is a US trademarked company with Global market reach which is unlike 99% of today’s cannabis-related enterprises.

We are now accepting investment inquiries beginning 1/1/20 as we have made sufficient progress on developing our technologies and we are confident the end of US Federal prohibition is sufficiently near, massively expanding the market overnight.


Time to FLY!          

Contact 420sky Founder Kurt Patrick Casadine by email @   or by Telephone @ (510) 934-5648