420skybnb FAQ

Q. Is 420 included as an amenity of the accommodations?

A. YES 420 on arrival is the foundation of the 420skybnb program. You arrive at your destination and there WILL BE 420 waiting for you. Host are encouraged to provide one of the 5 levels of 420skystore welcome boxes which include a variety of ONLY top shelf branded 420sky products.


Q. Are there age restrictions for booking on 420skybnb?

A. Yes. The restrictions depend on the State and Local laws where you are booking your travel accommodations. For example in California you must be 21 years old to be in possession legally of 420 UNLESS you possess a physician’s recommendation then the age limit is 18.  Children may be accommodated through 420skybnb bookings providing they are accompanied by parents/guardians 21 and older.


Q. Can we take left over 420 with us on our return trip home?

A. NO NEVER travel with 420 through any airport or across State lines. If you enjoyed the 420sky store products provided those products are available for purchase online at our


Q. Can I smoke in Public?

A. In General the answer is NO. That said there are plenty of places and events where public consumption is perfectly OK. Always consult your host about Local laws and customs and PLEASE USE the resources provided for you free on our website. One of the most important limits to respect is NEVER consume 420 around children or where 420 2nd hand smoke might contact them. NEVER leave ANY 420 PRODUCT WITHIN THE REACH OF CHILDREN DURING YOUR 420 VACATION OR AT HOME.