420skybnb has been created for 420 lifestyle travelers and hosts by 420 travelers and hosts so they may connect and benefit and open a brand new world of personal travel possibilities. This is a travel forum unlike any other and our goal is to provide the highest level of travel services and 420 lifestyle accommodations.

Kurt420skybnb founder Kurt Patrick Casadine, born in Hollywood California in 1962, is a world traveler and an avid 420 life style devotee. These two Dynamics have been an integral part of his life for the past 40 years. Raised by nomadic hippy parents and then his Airline President Grandfather their wanderlust influence lives on in all his pursuits. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and has be a part of the medical marijuana industry in California for 20 years.

On travel and 420...

I once sat in the arm of a statue of Venus on a hill in Athens Greece looking out over the Acropolis at sunset smoking a bowl and feeling like the luckiest person alive. That lasting memory and many others like it, have led to the development of 420skybnb so that others with this lifestyle common ground and there are so many will be able to book travel and make similar memories safely. I have taken too many risks and wasted a lot of valuable travel time indulging these two passions simultaneously”.

Today travelers can finally avoid these risky and costly time consuming aspects of 420 lifestyle travel.