420skybnb Hosting Advantages

Hosting your property on 420skybnb has significant advantages over listing on other sites. On other sites the common ground between Hosts and Guest Travelers is ‘I have a space to rent you need a space to rent’ and the common ground between host and travelers stops there. 420skybnb makes a lifestyle connection in common as well. This opens the door to hosts by creating the ability to develop custom packages that provide for the complete lifestyle needs of their guests. 420skybnb Hosts can package amenities on their listing profile that are valuable goods and services to the lifestyle travelers booking travel on 420skybnb, earning 420skybnb hosts far more than just the value of their space listing.

420skybnb is also developing a complete house listing program for investors who wish to purchase properties exclusively for listing on 420skybnb. The return on a complete property listed on 420skybnb is significantly higher than a traditional rental of the property and also removes the long term tenant legal dynamic to investment properties. 

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