420sky people

Who are 420sky people? They are your Lawyer your plumber the old couple that lives next door. 420sky PEOPLE come from every level of the economic ladder and from every corner of the world. Marijuana is the oldest and its use the most documented of natural substances in the history of mankind. From the authors of the ancient Brahman scriptures to the fabled King Solomon to modern folks like Maya Angelou, Steve Jobs and Michael Bloomberg (yes that Michael Bloomberg) ALL are known to have indulged their passion for the plant.  They are people who love art and music they Love the outdoors RAVES and other people who share their 420 Lifestyle. When Hosts and travelers come together on 420skybnb magic in the form of unforgettable travel adventures are born. 

Founder, Kurt P. Casadine…

In my years in the dispensary business I have met the most amazing people, people most would never think are passionate 420 devotees. 420sky PEOPLE are those same people they simply are …YOU AND I.

That is why 420skybnb.com is such an important vehicle as technology and social perceptions about marijuana around the world change to once again embrace the use of marijuana for all. This is a platform where people from around the world can meet and share a space and some herb and make the world a better place. 






 C’mon lets GO!